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10 Fashion Trends We Are Totally Over. What Styles Are Out for 2017

11 Sep 2017      Jasmine      75
We have already talked about the biggest fashion trends of the following fall 2017/18 and now it is time to talk about trends that are out of style.
  1. Riding boots + socks. It looks comfy and for sure we all loved it but it's time to move on. Take a look to over-the-knee boots combined with some long oversized shirt/sweater and maybe you will not be missing riding boots anymore.
  2. Bell sleeves top. For sure bell sleeves was one of the most popular trends of the previous season but it had its time and now ruffles took its place.
  3. Lace-up top. Yes, all the fashion bloggers wore this amazing lace-up. Everyone in love with it and we are also big fans of the lace-up trend. But just like everything else this kind of top is no longer trendy in the rapidly changing fashion world. What to try: high-neck top. Try a high-neck top to give your outfit an upgrade this fall.
  4. Slip dress. Pajama style was easily a Summer and Fall 2016 staple. The slips were paired with everything in your closed but this year it's time to get it over with.
  5. Low-waist jeans. Say goodbye to low rise jeans. For sure fall is not the warmer season in the year so maybe it's for the best to forget this trend and finally give high-waist jeans a try?
  6. Flares. Do not be sad to see flares go because this season crop flares are more than welcomed with open arms. The trend looks fresh and can be worn with heels, loafers, sneakers and so on. Petite girls can totally rock flares now.
  7. Wedge Sneakers. Maybe it wasn't the trend of the previous season but the following fall totally killed wedges sneakers. So be it!
  8. Off-shoulder tops. Yes-yes why we have to let it go we are in love with off-the-shoulder tops so much. Do not be upset because cold-shoulder top is back and waiting for you to accept.
  9. Fringe. Time to retire the fringe clothes and opt for a more sleek silhouette. Besides we're getting a little tired of seeing them everywhere.
  10. Choker. The choker trend is one you won't be sad to see go. Chokers were everywhere and we mean it! Almost all the fashion bloggers wore them with style and we couldn't help but bought one for ourselves. Now put your favorite black string to the jewelry box and replace it with statement earrings.
If inside your closet there is something from the trends we mentioned and you are not going to stop wearing it so don't do it. If you like the trend do not give-up on it! Complete your outfit with the favorite off-shoulder blouse, chokers or a lace-up sweater. Keep wearing items that make you feel good!

low waist jeans + sneakers
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even back lace up tops that are so cute should not be in your closet this fall
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these ripped boyfriend jeans are so cute that we can not let them go out of style even though they are low waist
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layering chokers

sincerely jilue wears those awesome isabel marant shoes

summer street style off shoulder blouse + jeans

brown riding boots with socks

my favorite kind of off day outfit

vintage jeans + black tank top

ripped jeans + off shoulder longsleeve

off shoulder top + jenas

this outfit is so cute and i do not care if this top is not the thing to wear this season
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it is time to say goodbye to riding boots mixed with high knee socks

boyfriend jeans mixed with a stripped top and black isabel marant shoes
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suede nike sneakers that are out of style

white nikies wedge sneakers

office look low waist jeans + blouse

overdone trends flares pants

chic casual style

fringe jacket + shorts

loose dress obsession

do you remeber these awesome isabel marant sneakers huge news they are not in style anymore

fall street style biker jacket + big scarf

slip dresses were cute until fall 2017

cute back bow blouse

cashmere bell sleeves sweater + hat

suede choker is not in style anymore

bell sleeves blouse + marsala bag look

lace up tops are not trendy sad but we have to say goodbye

all black everything fringe are overdone this season the sameas chokers that you can see on this pic

this outfti is so cute i can not say goodbye to that loved combo of boots with socks

yep wide leg pants are not trendy did you wait for it

sexy pajama dress + knit cardi

high waist leather leggings + bell sleeve blouse